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We Create Intelligent Tools To Enhance Professional UAVs 

TacSwan is not just another technology or engineering company. TacSwan is not just the infrastructure to create products but is a well-established human resource base of over 5 centuries of experience in IT, technology, security, engineering, emergency response, healthcare and more.

TacSwan is a passionate and highly driven machine that attacks unique problems from every angle to create the best solution for the widest array of users.

TacSwan works with not only our knowledge partners but with other manufacturers, innovators and field experts around the globe to elucidate problems and to overcome obstacles.  Of course, the end result of this all ends with a product.

We create. It’s what we do.


We create solutions that push the envelope and advance industries. Solutions that provide new possibilities that in turn save time, money and lives.

This is your invitation to bring us your problem, to collaborate on an already-existing project or to simply benefit from the work we have accomplished already.

Innovative Tools for Industries

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