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Autel Evo II

Autel Evo II Saddle and Light System

was introduced in Spring 2020. The saddle accommodates up to seven FoxFury D10 or D3060 lights (with white or IR LEDs).


This enables the Autel Evo II to meet global night flight requirements. It also improves sensor performance in dark interior permitting interior tactical searches. 

​This item is available through Autel directly. 

In addition, TacSwan developed an Exolander and Payload Drop System for the Evo II. This increases the drone's capabilities and enables the FoxFury D100 Spotlight to attach to it. This system was announced at CES 2021.

"The lights on the Autel saddle are mounted in a place where they are balanced perfectly on the drone. So there is no change in the performance of the drone when installed."
Travis, UAS Pilot

TacSwan has partnered with FoxFury Lighting Solutions and Autel to create the EXOLANDER© (Patent-Pending). The EXOLANDER© is an exoskeleton with 10 hard points that allows various accessories to mount to the Autel EVO II mounting platform.

The EXOLANDER© was created with public safety in mind, to provide tactical lighting, mounting and payload delivery solutions, as well as other upcoming accessories. It’s designed to attach to the Autel EVO II to provide extra functionality and features to the popular platform. Additionally, it provides the EVO II with leg extensions, maintains proper CG (Center of Gravity) and can be quickly attached/removed without tools.  

The EXOLANDER© can be used with attachments like TacSwan’s Payload Delivery System or FoxFury’s D100 SPOTLIGHT. The Payload Delivery System allows users to drop supplies such as radios, water bottles, or first-aid kits to people in hard-to-reach places. This allows help to arrive before help arrives. The SPOTLIGHT is 2300 lumens of focused lighting with a 60’ wide light at an altitude of 200’. 

The biggest benefit of the EXOLANDER© system is the attachments it utilizes. The leg extensions of the EXOLANDER© provide the Autel EVO II with protection against accidents in rocky or unlevel terrain.  

TacSwan’s Payload Delivery System attaches to the EVO II using the EXOLANDER© system. The Payload Delivery System allows users to drop critical materials to those in hard-to-reach places. For example, using this system, rescuers could drop a radio and water to someone stuck on a cliff. The system has also been tested pulling over 400ft of 550 cord to a swimmer in the ocean. This would allow rescuers to bring a safety line to stranded swimmers.

The FoxFury D100 SPOTLIGHT is a 2300 lumen focused light with a 60’ wide light at an altitude of 200’. The SPOTLIGHT attaches to the EVO II using the EXOLANDER© system. It provides a 15-degree focused beam of brilliant white light, designed for illumination in searches or inspections. Additionally, the light may be angled or aimed straight down.

Tools are only as good as the people who use them. However, let’s give our people the best tools we can. The EXOLANDER© system was designed for public safety in mind, to assist wherever and whenever people need help.

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