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We've complied a list of our most asked questions. If you don't see an answer to you question, please  contact us – we'd love to help you out! 

– Frequently Asked Questions –

  • What are the types of air purification?
    What is purified Air? Purified Air has been exposed to a series of filtration processes. Typically these filters include HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) and charcoal processing. The US Govt (EPA) has the following filter definitions. HEPA Indoor Air Quality Dust Masks & Respirators What is air sanitizing? Sanitizing the air means to treat for / remove viruses. This typically means exposing the traveling air to significant enough doses of UVC (germicidal) to be able to kill viruses present. What is air sterilization? Sterilization means the complete removal of any substances, particles, or molecules, from the air. This requires very expensive and voluminous equipment and filtration, to adequately process the air. It is not a practical solution given today’s available technologies. What is directed air? Directed Air is that which is strategically placed nearer to a subject in an attempt to offer maximum protection from potential airborne threats.
  • How long has RenewO2 been creating air sanitizing products?
    Since 2003, TacSwan has been at the forefront of air sanitizing products. The original RenewO2 purifiers were first prototyped in the early 2000's in response to the SARS outbreak. The newly patented products are the most advanced air sanitizers on the market and provide the newest technology to ensure 99.8% of airborne threats are eliminated.
  • What are the RenewO2 products?
    UV-C Room Air Purifier UV-C Wall Mount Air Purifier UV-C Compact Mountable Air Purifier Personal Air Purifier
  • How do the RenewO2 products work?
    The UV-C purifiers have a 4-filter process the includes: 1. Pre-filter for large irritants such as pollen, dander, and dust 2. HEPA filter for harmful micro-sized particles like mold spores, bacteria and viruses. 3. Activated Charcoal Filter to absorb unwanted odors. 4. UV-C inactivates microorganisms in the air as they are pulled in through the filters. The UV-C purifiers have filters that must be replaced every 3-6 months, to ensure the air you are breathing is at it’s safest level. These systems are electric and can be easily plugged into your wall outlet. Each purifier has 3 power settings (low, medium, high) and operate in quiet mode. Learn more on our Shop page.
  • Is the UV-C filter safe and what do the purifiers clean from the environment?
    Is UV-C safe toe use around humans?
  • What do the RenewO2 UV-C purifiers clean from the air?
    Pre-Filter: a filter that captures large particles from the air before they clog your main filter, which is commonly costlier than the pre-filter, and meant to deal with smaller particles. HEPA Filter: HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter; it works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. Charcoal Filter: Activated carbon filters found in air purifiers or air conditioning air filters are best suited to trap particles less than 0.3 micrometers in size, such as tobacco smoke, cooking oil fumes, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). UV-C Filter: UV air purifiers are designed to use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to inactivate airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria and viruses. The RenewO2 Personal Purifier does not have a UV-C filter, but uses a pre-filter, activated-charcoal, and HEPA filter to contain and eliminate airborne threats.
  • How does Personal Air Purifier compare to N95?
    Per CDC, N95 FFR is a type of respirator which removes particles from the air that are breathed through it. These respirators filter out at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles. N95 FFRs are capable of filtering out all types of particles, including bacteria and viruses. Not everyone is able to wear a respirator due to medical conditions that may be made worse when breathing through a respirator. Before using a respirator or getting fit-tested, workers must have a medical evaluation to make sure that they are able to wear a respirator safely. The RenewO2 Personal Air Purifier protects against pollens, allergens, pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The Personal Air Purifier blocks 95% of small (0.3 micron) particles, as well, ensuring that 95% of ariborne threats are filtered. Unlike the N95, the Personal Air Purifier from RenewO2 is able to be worn by everyone, with no medial evaluation. No mask is needed, the Personal Air Purifier comes with a clothing clip or neck strap to be easily worn everywhere at anytime.
  • What size room is protected by the RenewO2 products?
    UV Room Purifier: area protected up to 1000 sf (93 m2). The clean air delivery rate is 300-600 CFM (cubic feet per minute), depending on the intensity setting. Best for a 11'x11'x8' space. UV Mountable Air Purifier: area protected 200-400 sf (19-37 m2). The clean air delivery rate is 30-200 CFM (cubic feet per minute), depending on the intensity setting. Best for a 7'x'x8' space. UV Compact Air Purifier: area protected up to 80 sf (7.4 m2). The clean air delivery rate is 20 CFM (cubic feet per minute), depending on the intensity setting. Best for a 4'x4'x5' space. Personal Air Purifier: area protected 12-16" (305-406 mm). The clean air delivery rate is 2-4 CFM (cubic feet per minute), depending on the intensity setting. Best worn clipped or strapped to chest area.
  • Do the RenewO2 products eliminate COVID-19?
    The UV RenewO2 products contain and eliminate 99.8% of airborne threats. According to the Natural Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine "UV light has been shown to destroy other coronaviruses, so it will probably work on the novel coronavirus." Independent research is currently being done by the University of Califonia San Diego and results will be available in August 2020. The RenewO2 products trap and eliminate: small particles, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, cooking oil fumes, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic componds, pathogens, and mold.
  • Why are the RenewO2 products BETTER than HVAC filteration systems?
    The RenewO2 puriication products actively pull air from the environment and use a 4-filtered system to eliminate and contain airborne threats. RenewO2 continually filters air, throughout the entirety of the room, allowing for all spaces (corners, outer edges, hidden spaces) to be santitized. HVAC systems push air into the room, from a filtered intake area. The air is directed, meaning only flowing in one direction and then dispersing, allowing for areas of the room to be unprotected. See the below diagram.
  • What 'non-violent' public saftey products does TacSwan manufacture?
    EMP Resistant Flashlight Electronic Distraction Device: TEDD CS Camera Forensic Camera System

We'd tried our best to answer most of the questions you might have, but if you need further assistance, please contact us or use the Live Chat feature at the bottom of this page –

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