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We're small but really mighty! Our DNA is engrained in everything we create, and our goal is to always provide the most innovative tactical solutions to you, our heroes! 

– Our Mission –

Engineering Tomorrow's Trusted Tactical Tools Today


We obsess on the little things. The things that go overlooked but we feel are critical to society moving forward. The things that may not seem like a big deal today but in our eyes are kind of a big deal. Take for instance this January 2008 article from Wired Magazine. It pokes fun at the air purification jacket we developed with Victorinox (Swiss Army). Now a decade later, the concept is far more understood and appreciated. 


We create. Not me-too products but items that push the envelope and advance industries. Solutions that provide new possibilities that in turn save time, money and lives. Products that are created based on pain points we hear and gaps we see. Forensic photography, for example, can be challenging because switching filters can be time consuming and cause contamination at a scene. We created a better system where a universal camera filter and adapter solution could be used in its place.


We care...A LOT. Enough to take the time to hear feedback, make corrections and keep producing new solutions because lives are on the line and that’s when you need great tools. We have spent many years and numerous revisions fine tuning our T.E.D.D. (tactical electronic distraction device) so that it can safely be used in places where other tools cannot be. The goal is to bring a faster, safer resolution and to have a tool to use in tight spaces.

TacSwan turn ideas into solutions. We innovate, engineer and design with today and tomorrow in mind. Products are brought to market through our partner relationships with manufacturers and solutions providers in different industries around the world.

Thanks for visiting our modest site and take a few minutes to look around. Have questions? Need answers? Or just want to find out more about us? Visit our contact us form and send us a message – we'd love to get to know you. 

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